The strength of the dog cage

If you go to buy a cage, you will find that the texture of the cage is mostly iron, with iron wire, or columnar square iron rods. For smaller dogs, iron wire can be used, but for larger dogs For dogs with relatively strong strength, square iron bars should be chosen, which are much stronger than iron wire. The advantage of the iron wire is that if you don’t need it, it can be folded and put away. The iron rod is not good. My family still has a small cage with a pink square iron rod that Dangdang used when he was a child. Although it is useless, but Throwing it away is a waste, so keep it at home.


Observe if the structure of the dog crate is solid

In general, there are not many forms of dog cages, and most of them are also reasonable, with trays underneath to make it easier to clean the dog's poop. I would like to remind is to pay attention to observe, square wire dog cage bottom plate (that is, the bottom of the cage above the plastic tray) is not movable, can be removed to clean, because the dog's poop will be stuck in the above, if you can't take it out will be too much trouble. There is also a larger size of the wire dog cage, usually below the wheel is not, which is very inconvenient, to move up will be very heavy, small size wire dog cage to move up will not be too much effort.


How to Pick a Dog Crate

There is an argument for choosing a crate that is three times the size of your dog's body, but how do you calculate three times the size? The top and corners of the crate are practically unusable space for a dog if you count by size. Others say it's just wide enough for the dog to turn around. Personally, I think it's simpler to choose a size that is twice as long as the dog, which should be more appropriate for the dog. But if you buy a dog is a puppy, to take into account its growth ah, so the cage must refer to the dog's adult size to buy ah.


Ways to quickly acclimate your dog to family life

To limit the dog's time to eat, for example, it ate a meal with ten minutes of time, if ten minutes have not eaten, take away not to give it to eat. Wait until the next meal before the start, do not give it any snacks, to train it to eat punctually, and can not pick food.


How to give your pet medication

While many of the prescription medications prescribed for people are the same as those prescribed for pets by veterinarians, you should never give your pet human medications privately. This is because pets are given much smaller doses. (Right now I take a levothyroxine sodium preparation for hypothyroidism. I had a cat who also suffered from hypothyroidism, and he was on this medication at the time, but in an unusually small dose.) Many animals are counterproductive when given human medication. So, just as with children, it is important to keep your pets away from human medications as well. Consult your veterinarian if you have any questions.


The importance of pet de-worming

Worms can infect all unprotected animals and cause serious health problems, so prevention is especially important. Even house cats can be exposed to worms through other pets or visitors, whose shoes and unwashed hands can bring worms into the home.
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