How to give your pet medication

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2023-09-08 17:20

Have you ever had to chase your cat or dog all over the house to give it medication? It can be a real pain in the butt to give them medication. When your veterinarian writes a prescription for your pet, ask if it's for a medicated solution. If it's not, follow these tips for giving your pet medication. Feed your pet a smaller amount of food than usual and crush the pills into it. You can also mix the liquid medicine inside the food.

You can also hide the pills in a small slice (smaller than a dime) of cheese, peanut butter, tuna, dog food or cat food. But before doing so, ask your veterinarian if it's okay to feed these foods to your cat or dog.
If none of these methods work, rest your pet on top of something, hold your pet's lower jaw with one hand and your pet's upper jaw with the other, and make sure your pet's head is toward the ceiling. Toss the pill into the pet's mouth and leave it there for a while to make sure the pet has swallowed it. There are also some videos online showing exactly how to do this.

Buying pills
Buying pills online is cheaper than buying them directly from your vet.Vet Medic is an inexpensive and comprehensive online pharmacy. There are over 11,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications. Medications can be delivered in a timely manner and many still have free shipping.

Never give your pet human medication
Never give your pet human medications.All over-the-counter and non-prescription medications sold at Vet-Medic Pharmacy are for pets only as well.

While many of the prescription medications prescribed for people are the same as those prescribed for pets by veterinarians, you should never give your pet human medications privately. This is because pets are given much smaller doses. (Right now I take a levothyroxine sodium preparation for hypothyroidism. I had a cat who also suffered from hypothyroidism, and he was on this medication at the time, but in an unusually small dose.) Many animals are counterproductive when given human medication. So, just as with children, it is important to keep your pets away from human medications as well. Consult your veterinarian if you have any questions.

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