The importance of pet de-worming

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2023-09-08 17:20

Worms can infect all unprotected animals and cause serious health problems, so prevention is especially important. Even house cats can be exposed to worms through other pets or visitors, whose shoes and unwashed hands can bring worms into the home.

Common signs of worm infection are weight loss, diarrhea, abdominal distension and lethargy. Worm segments may be seen at the bottom or the worms may be seen slipping away. Worms rarely cause anemia or death. These symptoms are not limited to worms and if there is no relief from treatment, a veterinarian should be consulted immediately.

Fat Koch is an effective worm medicine that comes in a number of different dosage forms for ease of treatment. Dogs may prefer tablets, while cats may prefer granules. Both of these dosage forms of Fat Cochlear are available and can be difficult to detect when hidden in food.

Fat Koch is also suitable for pregnant or lactating bitches. However, always check with your vet before using it on a pregnant or lactating bitch.

Never opt for cheap supermarket brands, these medicines are not as effective and can also cause adverse reactions. So it's better to use the brand recommended by your vet.

Ensure that you regularly clean up feces from the garden to prevent the spread of worms, and always clean fleas from your pet to prevent them from spreading strip worms.

Horses are also susceptible to worms, as they will have frequent contact with them while grazing. Worms on horses can cause weight loss and hernias, and affect their performance. Therefore, it is important to always administer a dewormer to your horse and regularly clean the feces from the stomach and intestines to prevent infection.

There are many types of equine dewormers suitable for your horse, such as pastes and pellets. However, it is also important to change the type of agent from time to time to prevent worms from becoming resistant, which also happens frequently.

Editor's note:Article courtesy of NutreCare, an online provider of pet products.


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