Ways to quickly acclimate your dog to family life

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2023-09-08 17:20

Many owners have prepared their dogs for life before deciding to keep them, but are still confused about how dogs adapt to family life. Nantong Yuan Yang Pet Dog Crate Wholesale Manufacturer Xiaobian shares a few dog training requirements, which can let the dogs quickly adapt to family life.

1, no biting

In the process of playing with the dog, the dog will like to bite and interact with the owner, which is the nature of the dog. But if the owner let it go, think the dog bite is not painful and interesting, it will cause the dog will have the habit of biting in the future, easy to hurt the owner.

The owner should let the dog know not to bite, the dog bites your hand, you can gently shoot it, interrupt it, or go away and ignore it, so the dog will know that biting is an unwelcome behavior.

2, training to understand their names

The first step in training a dog to understand its own name is to train the dog to understand its own name.

Owners should take a simple name, first repeatedly call the dog's name, when the dog looks to himself, give encouragement.

Ignore you, take a toy or food to attract them to move their eyes to you, and give encouragement.

3、Hear and understand the owner's call

Let the dog understand the owner's call, can make it usually more obedient, come when called.

The owner in training, you can use delicious snacks to guide, with a pleasant tone of voice said "come over", "come over" the word and delicious food link, so that the dog hears "come over! The dog will be happy to run over when he hears the word "come".

4. Crate training

In fact, crate training is not to restrict the freedom of the dog, not always let the dog in the crate. Independent space is more secure for the dog, which allows the dog to learn to be independent and not suffer from separation anxiety.

Owners should prepare a suitable size, comfortable dog's pet cage, the use of toys and snacks to lure the dog into the pet cage, go in to give rewards, after training many times you can extend the time to stay in the pet dog cage.

5, training dogs to eat regularly

Owners should start training in the dog puppy period, eat regularly at regular intervals, the dog's growth and development is more favorable.

To limit the dog's time to eat, for example, it ate a meal with ten minutes of time, if ten minutes have not eaten, take away not to give it to eat. Wait until the next meal before the start, do not give it any snacks, to train it to eat punctually, and can not pick food.

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