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1. What is the corporate philosophy of Guangying?
Our corporate philosophy is “Make every effort to become the outstanding pet products manufacturer”.

2. What are the major products of Guangying?
Guangying is a professional enterprise specializing in the research, manufacture and sales of metal pet products.

3. Could Guangying contract the OEM production?
Absolutely, we have gained 15 years of production experience and kept offering OEM for 3 biggest pet products manufacturers of US. Welcome to contact us!

4. Does Guangying have its independent brand?
We have developed ZN Brand pet products. Welcome the global pet-caring people to operate and use our products.

5. Could you provide your products information in detail?
Guangying produces 23 series and 300 sorts of pet products, mainly including: cube dog cage, steeple dog cage, pet delivery cage, cat cage, bird cage, parrot cage, rabbit cage, ferret cage, exercise pens, play run, pet bed, pet sofa, pet grooming table, pet food shelf, pet toilet, pet trolley and pet products exhibition shelf. The products surface treatment includes: powder spray of kinds of colors, electrophoresis, zinc coating, and chrome; meanwhile, Guangying can offer the special surface treatment according to your demands.

6. Which countries and regions are the products of Guangying exported to?
US, Germany, France, Britain, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Hong Kong, etc; the major destinations include US, Europe and Japan.

7. What is production capacity of Guangying?
Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, with the area of the workshops of 10,000 square meters, Guangying annually produces over 400,000 sets of pet products. It takes Guangying about 30 days to complete the order of one standard container (40 feet). Please tell our business representative the detailed delivery time when you offer the order and Guangying shall meet your demand according to your requirements and our production plan.

8. How about the quality control of Guangying?
The quality strategy of Guangying is “Work for pets’ lives”. Guangying started to implement ISO Quality Control System in 1999; meanwhile, the technical support, quality inspection and schedule control have been required during the whole production process so as to ensure that our products could meet your requirements.

9. How about the research & development capability of Guangying?
The research and development strategy is “Tackling the Key Problem of the Markets as Our Task”. Welcome to tell us your problems, and our research and development team would offer you the professional design and manufacture.

10. How about the service of Guangying?
The service strategy of Guangying is “Keep pursuing excellence to meet customer demands at the largest extent”. Guangying has assigned the qualified regional business representatives to research the demands of the pet products of target markets. We would provide you with the rounded service to realize the value promotion.

11. How does Guangying select distributor to operate ZN Brand products?
Guangying means “Wide Cooperation, Win-Win Cooperation”, which is also the marketing strategy of Guangying. Guangying welcomes the global pet-caring people to act as our distributors.

12.What is the material of the product?
It is iron wire or tube.

13.What is the coating?
Chrome, Silver zinc, Gold zinc, E-coating, Epoxy coating with different color.

14.What is the MOQ?
A 20’ft Container for mixed items.

15.What is the delivery?
About 30 days.

16.What is the payment?
T/T or L/C.

17.Which areas are the products mainly exported to?
America and Europe, South-eastern Asia, HK, etc.

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